Drupal 8 live sites (a WIP list)

Submitted by YesCT on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 15:06

See the Drupal 8 Multilingual site showcase for a better list of Drupal 8 sites.

This list was from 2014 and earlier.

I know of a few blogs people are running on Drupal 8. Having just had trouble setting up mine, I thought it would be helpful to get a list of more sites that are live and in the wild on d8. When I could find posts about the why or how of launching a d8 site, I included it in parenthesis.

WIP Please tweet @YesCT to add your d8 site to this list. If you have a post about why you started a d8 site, or details about the server/hosting setup, let me know that too.

We can sometimes check if a site is Drupal 8 by looking for core/CHANGELOG.txt

Adventerous people running personal blogs on Drupal 8:

@YesCT http://yesct.net/ (http://yesct.net/node/1 with server info)

@dmouse http://dmouse.net/ (http://dmouse.net/node/1)

@jmolivas http://jmolivas.com/

@dasjo http://dasjo.at/

chertzog http://chertzog.com/

@alexpott http://alex.vit-al.com/ (http://alex.vit-al.com/node/3)

@timplunkett http://winstondodger.com/

@cwork_chris @opdavies http://running-on-drupal8.co.uk/

@DamienMcKenna http://keenedrupal.org/

@maarteuh http://drupal8-workingweb.rhcloud.com/

@johnheaven http://d8.johnheaven.eu and http://uploads.johnheaven.eu/

@kartagis http://dev-8.webciniz.im/

@PuddingNL http://drupal8-puddingnl.rhcloud.com/

@yuriyb http://yuriybabenko.com/

... more?

I think usually those are running a snapshot of Drupal 8, at a certain commit. I do not think that these people chase head.

Bigger projects trying out Drupal 8:

@dries http://drupal.com

@amazeelabs http://amazeelabs.com (http://amazeelabs.com/en/blog/amazee-labs-first-agency-relaunch-its-website-drupal-8)

@theoploumis http://www.librashop.gr

@SensioLabsUK http://www.sensiolabs.co.uk/ (http://www.sensiolabs.co.uk/blog/rebuilding-sensiolabs-co-uk-with-drupal-8)

@LastCallMedia https://lastcallmedia.com/ (https://lastcallmedia.com/drupal-8-lessons-for-developers)

... more?